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Born in North Carolina to a military family, Daniel was fortunate to grow up in various US states as well as Germany and Japan. This exposure to multiple cultures instilled a broad and versatile aesthetic as well as a love of art from an early age.From the beginning, Daniel has been a self-taught artist. He started drawing and painting in grade school and after high school he began his professional career as a silversmith, then goldsmith, painter and sculptor, designer and art director. Read More…

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OK, please bear with me, this is all new for me and I’m far from getting this all set up and functional. I have begun a series of oil paintings with the purpose of calling attention to the alarming increase of the homeless population in America. I live in Las Vegas and in recent years I have seen more and more people seeking a “living” by panhandling, dumpster diving and depending on shelters for survival. This is happening in major cities across our country. Each of these individuals has a story, and the humanity of their condition should not be ignored. Those of us who are fortunate in our economic status find it all to easy to look away and pretend that we are not connected. I don’t know if trying to call attention to this issue by painting images of these people, the “discards” of our culture, will have any value. I’m struggling with who would want art of this nature hanging on their walls. Regardless, I have to try, and it is my hope that I can create images that are compelling enough to overcome any visceral discomfort yet still hold onto the stark reality of the subject. I want to donate a portion of any proceeds for future sales to some charity that helps the homeless population. This has been problematic. I have attempted contact with numerous local organizations to attempt to establish a relationship, and to date none have responded. The choice of which charitable organization is important to me. First I want one that really does do the right things, and a lack of political or religious agenda is also important. Until I solve this, I’m putting my donated funds in a holding account. And to further complicate my scenario….I have been offered a show for this series at a gallery in the arts district. But the scheduled date is not until December. So I am loathe to sell the original paintings until then, but I also do not want to wait that long to reveal them. So perhaps limited edition prints can be offered for now. So here is the first of the series, a gentleman resting on a bus stop bench, who was so incoherent he could hardly respond to me as I passed him a $5.00 bill. I took a couple of photos, I even drove around the block three times trying to get better angles camera clicking from my moving car, that didn’t work. I titled this “Shoeless in Vegas” I have been considering calling this series “The Free People”. By this I mean they are free of the rat race, paying bills and responsibilities. Something about it feels a bit off color however and I imagine some will take issue. Anyone with suggestions for a better name?